Things to do

We have a small selection of things to do in the area on this page, however our local representatives will be happy to suggest and help to organise many other activities and trips for you.

An overnight trip to Bananeiras

Bananeiras is located about 160 kms southwest of Natal in the next door state of Paraiba. Bananeiras was first settled in the first half of the seventeenth century and became a large producer of sugar cane and later coffee. By 1852, coffee production had made the city one of the richest of the region, this wealth is expressed in the architecture of the houses and public buildings.

The railway was opened on September 22, 1922, after the construction of the tunnel Serra da Viração, but by this time fungus had decimated the coffee plantations and the area then turned to the cultivation of sugar cane, tobacco, rice and sisal. The railway was closed in 1967 and the station and adjacent buildings were eventually converted into a pousada, restaurant and museum. Bananeiras has a tourist information centre where information about the surrounding countryside and other towns can be obtained.

Buggytour to Geninabu

No doubt the most spectacular tour you have ever done. A day full of excitement and emotion. A tour via small wooden rafts to the beautiful dunes of Genipabu. There's also sandboarding and paragliding available near by.

Buggytour to Pipa

We whir along the beautiful beaches of Pium, Cotovelo, Tabatinga and Tibau do Sul by beach buggy in the direction of Pipa. After having taken the wooden raft on the way we will have lunch (not included). We continue the tour to Pipa where we’ll find the beautiful bays with dolphins.

Diving in Natal

From Ponta Negra it is possible to dive, there is a diving school with all the necessary equipment They sail out several times a week (2 dives of 45 minutes).

Snorkeling in Pirangi

Possible every day. Boat tour with the opportunity to snorkle and to relax in the natural “hotwater swimming pools)” in the middle of the sea.